Xiulan Ma, a curious girl from small town, always dreamt of beautiful jewellery from a very young age. Her imagination would run wild with all of the gorgeous jewellery she would buy if she could. However Xiulan came from a poor family, so at the time this was impossible. It took her over a year of saving all her pocket money just to have the courage to walk into a jewellery store for the first time.

One day she finally bought herself a pearl necklace. It was a simple necklace to most but to her, it meant the world. She stored the necklace under her wardrobe so nobody would find it, and would check it one last time every night before bed. Only once she checked her precious necklace was okay, she could sleep peacefully until the next morning.


She never wore it, even on her wedding day. Every time she opened the box containing her special necklace, she shed tears of joy. She thought how it had brought her so much luck and happiness, and that’s why she treasured it so greatly.

Over the years she watched her children grow. Her second son had a daughter soon after his marriage. Xiulan was very fond of her granddaughter and decided one day she would to pass her precious necklace onto her, so she could receive the good luck and blessings the necklace bestowed onto her. She waited until she was dying to pass the blessed piece of jewellery on, telling her granddaughter the fascinating and interesting story that came with it. She told her to do anything she wanted in life, as she would surely achieve it with her new good luck charm.


This was the only opportunity Monique had to meet her grandmother. She treasured the pearl necklace in the same way it had been cared for all the years before. She kept it just as safe, without ever wearing it.

This is our founders story. The pearl necklace that was never worn, but continues to inspire over a century later. Passing down generations of good luck and fortune to our clients, who want more than just jewellery.

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